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Attending a live concert is an experience like no other. Fans around the world are always waiting for their favourite artist's concert and they are willing to travel to far off places to attend their live events. The 2011 concert season is all set to kick off and if you have never really attended a concert before than this would be the time for you to make your debut. Nothing can really be compared to the experience of watching your favourite artist perform right in front of you in front of thousands of cheering fans. With the kind of artists that are all set to perform in 2011, you would definitely not want to miss out on the opportunity. Book your tickets well in advance since they would definitely be sold off quite quickly! Given below are the details for a few concerts that are all set to kick off in 2011:

Linkin Park

Fans of this rock band are always looking forward for a chance to see the band perform live. Known for their meaningful lyrics, the sheer energy and the amalgamation of rock and rap, this influential band has been a big hit ever since their launch. With the release of their latest album "A Thousand Suns", Linkin Park is all set to perform all over the US in 2011. Their concert series starts from January 2oth, 2011 to 26th February, 2011 across various states in the US.

Taylor Swift

This sensational country singer has won the hearts of millions of fans from around the world in the short time since her debut. This amazing singer is known for her soulful voice and her charming looks. For the 2011 concert season, Taylor Swift has concert series lined up in Europe and in US for 2011. Starting on 7th March in various locations in Europe her tour then moves on to the US. In US, her concert series kicks off on 27th May, 2011 across various locations in the country and ends on August 10th 2011.

Lady GaGa

Known for her controversial fashion sense as much as she is known for her music, Lady GaGa is a performer like no other. With several hits to her name in the short time since her career launch, Lady GaGa has already hit the headlines for reasons other than her singing capabilities! Watch this flamboyant artist perform live on stage for the 2011 concert season upcoming concert tour in Europe. Her concert tour kicks off on 5th December, 2010 and ends on 16th April, 2011.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry  may have just begun her career in the industry but has been immensely popular with her fans. This "I Kissed A Girl" artist has millions of fans in countries around the world and is known for her fun, flirty style. For her upcoming tour, Katy Perry is all set to perform all over Europe. Her concert series starts on 23rd February 2011 and ends on 7th November, 2011. This major concert series is one that fans have been looking forward to since long.


This R&B singer is known for several major hits over the years like Yeah, Burn, Love in the Club etc. Known for his performance style and his dancing abilities, Usher is also an actor and has played the part of Ray Charles in the movie Ray. For the 2011 concert season, Usher is all set to perform in various locations around US and in Europe. His concert tour starts on 21st December 2010 and ends on 27th May, 2011.

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Get Ready for the 2011 Concert Season by Booking Tickets Online

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